Play poker with the Sopranos on your cell phone

Play poker with the Sopranos on your cell phone


What do you get when you take a hugely popular HBO gangster series and cross it with the world’s most popular card game? You get The Sopranos Poker for your cell phone, an obvious cash grab with nothing extra to offer than any other poker simulation out there.

Well, that’s not completely true. Nowhere else can you play cards with the unmoving avatars of Tony, Paulie and Silvio, but it’s quite evident that all THQ Wireless did was take an existing poker engine and throw a few recognizable faces in there. It is a nice addition, however, that you can cheat by looking at your neighbour’s cards… but don’t get caught, because otherwise you’ll be swimming with the fishes.

According to the editors at IGN, you should stay as far away from this title as possible, and save your “download dollars” for something else. You can probably get a better poker title for less money, and if you still need your Sopranos fix, several seasons of the show are out on DVD.