Next Prius aiming for triple digit mileage

Next Prius aiming for triple digit mileage


The Toyota Prius is already a trophy for environmentalists to parade around in, but changes planned by Toyota will really make them see green. Not only will the next Prius be turbocharged as the rumors that have been popping up for months have indicated, it will also get crazy mileage. The target that Toyota has set for the Prius is a ridiculous 113 miles per gallon. That’s twice as much as current Prius’ get and they are held up as impressive.

Toyota will be trying to accomplish that lofty goal using lithium-ion cells that are much lighter, smaller and longer lasting than current batteries. Most importantly, the new batteries pump out dramatically more power than current models. Toyota is in a race with Mitsubishi to be the first one out of the gate with the new technology.

It’s important to note that that mileage is in British gallons. That translates to 94 gallons in the U.S., which is still far more than a little impressive.