New Toshiba Gigabeat features hard drive, plays WMV

New Toshiba Gigabeat features hard drive, plays WMV


The full smattering of details and specifications are still a little scarce at this point, but we have caught a glimpse of the latest Gigabeat from our friends over at Toshiba. A little bird told me today that the new gigabeat S60V will feature a middle of the road-sized 2.4-inch LCD display to watch all your favourite movies and videos on. It’ll be able to take on all your WMV files that you have stashed away on your home computer’s hard drive on a hard drive of its own.

Nope, you won’t find solid state flash memory here, as Toshiba has opted for a mini hard drive for this personal media player (PMP) in an effort to keep the storage capacity nice and high. Of course, they haven’t given us an exact number of how high that capacity is, but one would hope that it’d be at least 10 or 20 gigabytes right?

Other notable features include Microsoft Windows mobile software (Portable Media Center) for the OS, and an integrated FM tuner for when your own library doesn’t cut the mustard. No word on pricing or availability yet, so I’ll have to wait for that little birdie to come back with more info.