Fujitsu has two new Loox: T70S and P70S

Fujitsu has two new Loox: T70S and P70S


Fujitsu Loox line of ultra compact notebooks has been quite popular among people who put portability at the highest priority, while still wanting to maintain full PC functionality. Well, the electronics maker has added two new units to its popular line, one with a bigger screen and normal laptop form factor, and the other with a swivelling screen to allow for both notebook and tablet PC use.

The Loox T70S sports a 10.6″ screen, built-in DVD burner, a 60GB HDD, and 512MB of RAM. Powered by a Pentium M773 (1.30GHz), this unit is one of the smallest notebooks you’ll be able to find on the market, and you can even opt for a digital TV tuner if you choose the T70S/V variant.

If you prefer touchscreens, you can go for the P70S which comes with a 8.9-inch screen complete with the XP Tablet PC Edition operating system. The specs aren’t quite as powerful as the above, with a 30GB HDD and an Intel Pentium M753 (1.20GHz) processor, but they, they don’t get much lighter than this 990 gram unit. No word on pricing or availability for either unit.