DS Download Station guts pictured for all to see

DS Download Station guts pictured for all to see


Nintendo has always been at the forefront of video game innovation. Even if they don’t invent new technology altogether, they use existing stuff in ways that push the industry forward. Take the DS Download Stations popping up all across the country. They allow players to download demos and videos onto their own Nintendo DS portable gaming unit via a Wi-Fi connection, while perusing the rest of the titles in the store.

Well, someone has taken the plunge, and managed to get a look at the innards of the Download Station. And yes, they took some extra blurry snapshots with their cameraphone to share the experience with us. From what he can tell, the DS Download Station was housed next to the GameCube display, and with a little prying, he discovered that the DSDS, if you will, runs off of a single Nintendo DS unit running some sort of demo server software.

Demos of Brain Age, Mario Kart DS, and a video of Metroid Prime were available for patrons (even non-paying) of the store. More pictures can found through the link provided.