Webaroo searches the Web while you’re offline

Webaroo searches the Web while you’re offline


You say Google, we say Webaroo.

Webaroo is a computer company that packs the Internet into its machines. It’s not the whole Internet, of course. That kind of machine would be a bit too big to carry around. Rather, we’re talking about manageable-sized computers that are loaded with 40GB of data that comprise a “virtual snapshot” of the World Wide Web.

The result is offline searching that looks just like you’re online.

It’s an abbreviation of what you get when you go to Google or Yahoo and type in a term to search for. But Webaroo, which is based both in India and the U.S., insists that its snapshots provide content-dense search results that comprise the first two pages of most searches. Those search results, in turn, will be the full pages as their builders intended them, ads and all, Webaroo promises.

Hook up your machine to the Internet, and built-in subroutines update your search results according to any recent changes made by those sites’ owners, for later offline viewing.