PSP goes retro with Capcom Classics Reloaded

PSP goes retro with Capcom Classics Reloaded


Most kids growing up in the 80s and early 90s probably would have spent a pretty penny at the local arcade, dropping countless quarters on those coin-op cabinets in a heartbeat, drawn in by the intense action, captivated by the challenging gameplay. You can now relive your youth wherever you go, because “Street Fighter 2”, “Knights of the Round” and several other timeless titles are hitting your PSP via Capcom Classics Reloaded.

They’re saying that there will be over 15 “arcade perfect classics on a single UMD” to be found here, with titles ranging from “Commando” and “Ghouls n’ Ghosts” to “Eco Fighter” and “King of Dragons.” Best of all, you can challenge (or team up with) your friends in all of these games, thanks to the multiplayer capabilities via wireless ad hoc mode.

Expected to ship in Q4 2006, Capcom Classics Reloaded has yet to receive a definite MSRP, though if previous compilations are any indication, don’t be surprised to find a $40-ish price tag attached.