O2 XDA IQ does Wi-Fi dance

O2 XDA IQ does Wi-Fi dance


I’ve always liked the smartphones that O2 puts out, which I guess in a roundabout kind of way means that I enjoy HTC products. The latest from the phone maker (or labeller, I suppose) is the XDA IQ, a smartphone that rocks some nifty features but nothing that will really floor you.

O2 took the Tornado from HTC and made it their own. As a result, this handset has the exact same feature set as its other-branded compatriots. The processor comes from Texas Instruments and is of the 200 MHz OMAP 850 variety, there’s 64MB of flash memory and the same amount of RAM, and the display goes QVGA. Running on Windows Moble 5.0 and sporting a 1.3-megapixel camera, this quadband GSM mobile also does Bluetooth 1.2, but perhaps most notably, includes 802.11b Wi-Fi connectivity.

No word on price just yet, but according to sources, the O2 XDA IQ should be available “very soon.”