MiniDV camcorder from JVC Victor

MiniDV camcorder from JVC Victor


When in the market for a new camcorder, there are so many choices these days. Do you go with the convenience of the DVD-based ones? Do you opt for the hard drive-based movie takers, so that you don’t have to fumble around with missing media? Or, do you turn to miniDVs, because, well, they’re the cheapest?

If you decide to take the lower-end of things and opt for a miniDV camcorder, you could be happy to hear that companies are still making those, and new ones at that. JVC Victor is set to release the GR-D650, available in “aqua blue” and “powder pink” to express yourself, or “clear silver” to blend into the background. They’ve kept the package small (59 x 112 x 97 mm), and the LCD large (2.5-inches).

You’ll find 16:9 widescreen mode here, as well as an F1.2 camera lens, 1280 x 960-pixel picture-taking, and S-Video input/outputs.

Look for the JVC GR-D650 to drop May 13th, priced at around $550.