Cop car gets fuel cell power from Daimler Chrysler

Cop car gets fuel cell power from Daimler Chrysler


Daimler Chrysler is committed to developing fuel cell technologies, with a number of Dodge Sprinters and other vehicles already going green. The carmaker is continuing the trend by releasing the world’s first fuel cell-powered police vehicle: the Mercedes F-Cell. Its outward appearance may make you think of the B-series, but delve a little deeper and you’ll find the fuel cells housed in the floor of the vehicle.

The environmentally-friendly cruiser is being dispatched to the Wayne State University Police Department in Detroit, and will be seen in and around the university campus. As expected, it has been fitted with a standard police radio, decals, lights and sirens to identify it as a working vehicle, but the obvious “F-Cell” decal reminds us that it’s being nice to Mother Nature, while maybe not so nice to all those criminals out there.

The 88hp engine does the 0-60 in 16 seconds, with a top speed of 85mph, so you won’t be seeing the Mercedes F-Cell involved in any ultra-high speed chases any time soon. That’s why it’s being reserved as the supervisor’s vehicle, and will be worked on by the students in WSU College of Engineering Alternative Energy Technology as part of their master’s degree training.