Nintendo DS can shake its tailfeather with new rumble pak

Nintendo DS can shake its tailfeather with new rumble pak


The Nintendo DS is quickly growing in popularity, especially given its Wi-Fi capabilities allowing you to visit other fictional characters in Animal Crossing: Wild Worlds or blast them into oblivion with Metroid Prime: Hunters. We’ve just heard about the Opera web browser peripheral, and now Nintendo is releasing yet another add-on for us: the Rumble Pak.

I guess a lot of gamers have gotten far too accustomed to getting force feedback from their games, given the integrated shaky factor found in GameCube and PlayStation 2 controllers, so it’s only natural that they’d want it in their portable player as well.

You could drop $25 over at Lik-Sang to get your hands on the Rumble Pak (which fits into the GBA slot of your NDS), but you may be better advised to just purchase directly from Nintendo’s online store. After all, they’re dishing them out for only $10.

Of course, the more savvy DS fanboy population already knows that the Rumble Pak is included with the purchase of Metroid Prime: Pinball (which, coincidentally, is available for only $21 from, including shipping).