Jitterbug MVNO and phone for older folks

Jitterbug MVNO and phone for older folks


With an aging population, the senior demographic is only going to get bigger and bigger, so you might as well get your name established while the pan is still heating up. Kids these days may get all excited about multi-megapixel cameras and mobile television on their cellular phones, but for older folks, they just want something for making phone calls that is easy to use.

Well, Jitterbug is jumping all over the elderly, so to speak. The newly launched MVNO will start off with a simple flip phone from Samsung (A120) that features extra large buttons, oversized graphics, and even a dial tone when the handset is open. The cushioned cup around the earpiece is meant to eliminate noise, but the phone as a whole looks a little too much like a bedpan or toilet seat for my tastes.

It seems that the phone is essentially free when you sign on with Jitterbug, but you’ll probably need to return it if you choose to leave the Sprint-leeching MVNO. Most plans will be in the $25/month range, but for ol’ gramps that only wants to call you on your birthday or while he’s at bingo, there are also plans as cheap as $10/month.