Go ahead, drop your laptop, as long as it’s in this case

Go ahead, drop your laptop, as long as it’s in this case


The worst thing in the world is when you drop your laptop. It crashes to the ground and bounces once or twice. It’s fried, and you’re fried. Well, that won’t happen if you have your laptop stored snugly inside the OtterBox case.

The good folks at OtterBox are firm believers in testing their products using extreme methods. They put a trusted laptop inside one of their cases and dropped the whole shebang onto solid concrete from a height of four feet. The result? No damage, to case or computer. Then, they did it again, and again, and again. Same results, same satisfaction, same smile on your face if you get one.

They come in three sizes. The smallest holds a laptop that has a screen up to 13 inches; the largest can hold a 17-inch screen. Inside are bumpers and Velco straps, so the laptop doesn’t budge no matter how hard you kick the case around.

These cases are also waterproof and dustproof and can be locked. Adjustable carrying straps complete the outside picture. Inside are optional pouch add-ons, for storing peripherals. Price range is US$120 to $150.

P.S.: They also makes cases for iPods …