Ford Transit comes in 60 flavours

Ford Transit comes in 60 flavours


No, it’s not the latest shagging wagon for you and your hippie friends to perform unmentionable acts in. The new Ford Transit is a commercial vehicle, people, and is destined for builders, contractors, and plumbers all around the United Kingdom.

To be showcased at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham (no, not the one in Alabama; the one on the other side of the Atlantic), the new working van will feature a redesigned front and rear, but when it comes to body types, you’ll be given no fewer than 60 choices. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I’m assuming it has something to do with the number of doors, seats, insulation, and things of that ilk.

ABS comes standard, as does a dashboard-mounted shifter and remote-locking key that charges while you drive. The Transit is available with GPS, as well.

In related news, Ford will also be hosting a preview of its new Ranger pickup truck at the Birmingham show (April 25-27).