Evergreen MP3 player for less than $10

Evergreen MP3 player for less than $10


It’s not the flashiest-looking music player on the market, but the Evergreen DN 2000 was never meant to be. You won’t find a flashy 262k color display on this thing; not any display at all. Internal memory? Pfft, you won’t find that either, because this Evergreen player runs strictly off of SD cards.

It will swallow up your postage stamp-sized memory cards (up to 1GB) and play them back to almost iPod shuffle style, except it seems to not randomize the tracks. The songs are played back in the sequential order you loaded them onto the SD card. Powered by a single AAA battery for 5 hours of life, this player measures 58 x 60 x 13mm and weighs about 30 grams.

Of course, the best part – or, really, the only selling point – of this MP3 player is its price. At 999 yen (or about $8.50 USD), the Evergreen DN 2000 is about as cheap as it gets. It seems to be available now through the Yahoo! store in Japan, though my Babelnese may be a little rusty, so don’t quote me on that.