Cingular to offer MySpace band songs as ringtones

Cingular to offer MySpace band songs as ringtones


MySpace could lead to MyFame.

Cingular has announced a plan to offer artists music as ringtone downloads. You can preview the ringtone before you buy, of course, and the cost will be US$2.50. A full 25 percent of that will go to the bands themselves, with the rest going to Cingular and MySpace.

The result seems to be a win-win situation for bands seeking to hit it big: The more your songs appear on other people’s mobile ringtone lists, the better your potential for selling more albums It’s also a way for bands that don’t have a lot of marketing cash or any kind of recording industry connections to get their songs heard in a different way.

For mobile users, too, this opens up a whole new world of ringtone possibilities. Those hungry to explore nontraditional or noncommercial artists will find lots to devour once the service is up and running, which should be any day now.