Sexy slim 7.2MP Sony DSC-T30

Sexy slim 7.2MP Sony DSC-T30


For the average shutter bug, Sony’s ultracompact line is perfect for taking snapshots on the go. The latest addition is the super sexy DSC-T30, an upgrade to the T9 while maintaining the same appealing form factor.

They’ve bumped the imaging sensor to 7.2 megapixels, which really is more than what the average consumer needs, and it comes complete with HAD (hole accumulated diode) technology to increase sensitivity and reduce noise. There’s a 3-inch display to enjoy, filling up nearly the entire back of the camera, but it isn’t a touchscreen like that found on the N1. Get in close with 3x optical zoom (and 14x “Smart Zoom”), and eliminate the blurs with “Super Steady Shot”, a combination of Steady Shot OIS and the addition of ISO 800 / 1000 levels.

Look for Sony to start shipping the DSC-T30 this May in silver and black varieties with an asking price of about $500.

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