Push email in the Palm of your hand

Push email in the Palm of your hand


Direct Push has come to Palm.

The makers of the popular Treo 700w smartphone have announced a free software update that includes the Windows Mobile Messaging and Security Feature Pack. Among other things, the MSFP include the hot new Direct Push email, which is lightning-fast and gaining in popularity for its elimination of third-party interference in the normal email process. It also facilitates fast, automatic wireless updates of not only email but also calendar, contacts, and notes and tasks.

Security is in the name of the update, and security is part of the update. Among the added security features are over-the-air device password enforcement and remote memory wipe, in the case of loss.

The update will be available in the next few weeks, as a free download from Palm and Verizon Wireless, and will be included on subsequent Windows Mobile-based Treo smartphones.