Nintendo DS Opera browser coming to Japan

Nintendo DS Opera browser coming to Japan


Nintendo’s Wi-Fi connection for its DS portable gaming system has been steadily growing in popularity since inception seven months ago. Hot titles like Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing: Wild Worlds, and Metroid Prime: Hunters have led people to connect with others all across the globe, and you’ll soon be able to connect to the web in the same way you do on your PC, a date has been set for the Opera web browser for the Nintendo DS.

They’re shoving the software into a standard DS cartridge, though we don’t know if they’re going to be packing in extra memory. The release is set in Japan for some time in June, with an estimated street price of 3,800 yen, or about the equivalent to 32 American greenbacks.

You’ll be able to view webpages across both of the DS’s screens, but there doesn’t seem to be any Flash support for now. And if you’re like me and stuck here in North America, we haven’t heard when you’re going to get your hands on this handy addition, Nintendo hasn’t announced any pricing or launch dates for the Opera browser outside of Japan, yet.