Nokia unveils new CDMA treo

Nokia unveils new CDMA treo


Nokia has been around for a very long time, and since their introduction, they have been at the forefront of cellular phone technology. Well, the electronics giant is at it again, this time in Las Vegas for CTIA, but their latest trio of CDMA handsets aren’t exactly the most exciting things at the show. But not every handset can be packin’ the megapixels now can they?

The Nokia 2365i is an entry-level phone with features a little better then your average bargain basement find. You’ll find an FM radio, Bluetooth, and polyphonic ringtones in this clamshell for the rest of us. The external display is great for checking who’s calling without having to flip ‘er open.

A similar feature set can be hand in a more conventional candybar form factor with the Nokia 2865 and 2865i. Of course, there’s a full 262k color display on top of Bluetooth, but there’s also real-sound ringtones to boot with support for MP3 and AAC files.

Last and certainly not least is the 6175i. A mid-tier flipper, you’ll finally get a camera (1.3MP) with PictBridge support, an integrated GPS receiver, FM radio, and Bluetooth.

Look for all three to start shipping in the second half of this year.