Fabric repels stun gun attacks

Fabric repels stun gun attacks


Just what law enforcement needs: another headache. Yet Thor Shield promises to be a thunderbolt from heaven for those resisting arrest.

The product is a polyester fabric that bonds a conducted material and sends the electricity coming from a stun gun back where it came from. It is now available for sale only to military and law enforcement agencies, but one wonders how long before it is being worn by those on the streets of America.

A Taser or stun gun works by sending enough electricity into a person’s body to overwhelm the neuromuscular system, rendering the person incapacitated. Specifically, the stun gun sends two probes into a person’s body that create the equivalent of 50,000 volts. That’s enough to zap you into passing out cold.

But Thor Shield intercepts those electrical probes and prevents the wearer from being zapped. A company named G2 is the creator. A video put out by the company shows no ill effects of a stun gun to an executive wearing a Thor Shield hat and jacket.

G2 claims that it was motivated in part by reports of suspects stunning police officers with their own stun guns and that it will sell only to law enforcement. But even though necessity is the mother of invention, imitation is the severest form of invention. What is intended to be used to protect the police might one day soon be used against them.