Disney to launch phone service targeting kids

Disney to launch phone service targeting kids


If you are concerned about your child’s security, yet want to be able to reach them when you need to, then let your kid have a mobile phone with Disney Mobile, a phone subscription program that will enable you to manage and monitor your child’s phone usage.

The service allows you to set up a limit on the number of text and voice messages that your kid could send or make. You’ll be prompted when he or she has already reached the limit. You’ll also be given the option to raise or remove the cap.

There’s no need to worry too in case they exceed their allowance. The service will still permit them to call you or other pre-specified numbers, including 911.

If you’re more worried about your child’s whereabouts than his spending habits, then Disney’s phone service would be able to assist you in tracking them down. Its tracking feature is powered by GPS technology. You’ll be able to trace your child’s location through your PC or mobile phone.

While you are busy keeping tabs on the kids, they can download ringtones and various images from the Disney “vault” and link up into Radio Disney.

Disney plans to commission LG Electronics and Pantech for two camera phones that will be used for the service. The units will be priced at US $59.99.

Disneymobile.com or Disney stores can set you up with one.