Sharp adds entry-level GX-T17 to lineup

Sharp adds entry-level GX-T17 to lineup


A little later this month, Sharp is going to be releasing another phone, but it’s not some crazy music phone with a gigabyte of internal storage, or anything of that nature. Quite the contrary, actually, because the Taiwan-bound handset doesn’t play any music at all. Instead, there’s a 1.9-inch TFT-LCD display for a 160 x 120 resolution, no music playback, and a bargain basement VGA picture taker.

No Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi. The only wireless data support – outside of your regular plain-Jane cellular service – is IrDA. You will be able to make use of a wired USB connection to transfer your blurry pictures or synch up your phonebook, I’m assuming.

But hey, they are offering this phone on the cheap, exclusively available from FarEasTone. Sign a contract in Taiwan and grab a Sharp GX-T17 for about $100 USD. If contracts aren’t your thing, then you may want to look elsewhere, because this handset will run you $272.