Safa Q110 adds video to the mix

Safa Q110 adds video to the mix


The compact Safa Q100 was released last year to limited fanfare, mostly because of the company’s relative unknown name. The MP3 player didn’t do too badly for itself, but I guess they figured that it was time for an update, so along comes the Safa Q110.

Although there is only a tiny one-inch 65k OLED display, the Q110 is capable of playing back a variety of videos and movies. I can’t expect you to sit through a full-length movie on such a small screen, or even anything longer than a few minutes really, but what do I know. They say that has support for AVI, ASF, MPEG, DAT, VOB, ASX, and DAT clips, though you probably have to sift it through some conversion software (included) first.

Battery life gives you enough for five hours of video, and about three times that for audio. The Safa Q110 will be available in 512MB and 1GB flavours, though there is no word on pricing.