Portable DVD player: watch a movie, play a game

Portable DVD player: watch a movie, play a game


When is a car DVD player not a car DVD player? When it’s removable.

Axion, a company that specializes in mobile entertainment, has released a dual-widescreen DVD player that you can take with you, especially when you’re on the road. The AXN-6079 sports two 7″ screens, one that can play DVDs and one that can play video games or view static images.

The device plugs into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter (or a standard household plug) and is designed to hang off the back of your vehicle’s front seat headrests. It supports various media formats, including DVD, CD, MP3, and Photo CD. The stereo speakers carry sound to one or both pairs of headphones. A classic arcade gaming joystick is included, as is a TV tuner, in case you can tune in mobile cable.

Available now, the AXN-6079 sells for US$229.