Nokia and WESC launch 3250 limited edition music phone

Nokia and WESC launch 3250 limited edition music phone


Nokia has just collaborated with WESC to create a limited edition of the 3250 model.

You might wonder what a Swedish apparel-maker could contribute to a mobile unit. Well, in addition to ‘dressing up’ the 3250, the limited edition music phone also features WESC’s ‘totally insane’ Travel Guide.

While it is already available on the Web, you would definitely appreciate it if you could have the travel guide always in your pocket whenever you’re in a foreign location. It is interactive too, making it easy for anybody to operate or browse through its functions. The travel advises will be given by Weactivists such as Fredrik Wikkingsson, Peter Stormare, Filip Hammer, and Jason Lee.

Integrated memory size is at 10MB. This could be expanded through the unit’s mini SD card slot. The WESC Nokia 3250 also comes with a limited edition free travel kit. And of course, what’s a music phone without some great music right? Well this special edition Nokia 3250 does not disappoint as it features unreleased tracks from popular artists.