IBM announces super-fast chip for mobile media

IBM announces super-fast chip for mobile media


Sometimes, you can tell what something does by its name. A new processor from IBM and Silicon Valley start-up Rapport does just that.

The Kilocore1025 sports an astonishing 1,024 processing elements and a PowerPC core, all on just one chip. This will enable you to see live, hi-def video on your mobile phone up to 10 times faster than you can now. It also means that your mobile will use less energy, since all that processing power is packed into the solitary chip.

The Kilocore1025 is a result of a partnership between IBM and Rapport, under the terms of which IBM has agreed to implement both the Kilocore chips and other Rapport software into its Power engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

This processor isn’t available just yet, but the hype surrounding its release will definitely be hard to avoid.