Go ahead, drop this phone

Go ahead, drop this phone


The last thing you need when you’re out in the middle of nowhere is a cell phone that breaks when you drop it. Motorola has solved that problem with the i580.

This sleek yet rugged mobile device was designed with the military in mind. In other words, it is specially built to be resistant to blowing rain, dust, vibration, and shock. Drop it, pick it up, and go on talking. You could probably even step on it once without breaking it, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

It’s comforting to know that your mobile will be with you always, but what kind of features does it have? Push email is the highlight, followed by a 1.3MP camera that has video clip capture and playback, an MP3 player, GPS, and memory expansion via TransFlash. Oh, it also has Bluetooth capability, for that all-important wireless headset conversation.

Sprint Nextel customers can have this phone, when it’s released, of course, which will be this summer.