Companies concerned about mobile phone viruses

Companies concerned about mobile phone viruses


Don’t count on your boss for that expensive and sophisticated mobile phone that you’ve been wanting for several months now.

A study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit shows that over 60% of companies around the world are reluctant to give their employees high-end units due to security issues.

Of the 240 companies who took part in the poll, 82% are of the opinion that mobile phone systems are more prone to virus attacks than landline networks.

An expert from Symantec, the company which commissioned the inquiry, thinks that businesses may be worrying too much. But since mobile phones run many of the programs that are also used in desktop and laptop computers, it IS possible that mobile units could be subjected to the same kind and intensity of attacks like those made on PCs.

At present, there are around 100 viruses that are written for mobile phones. And while the figure is just a fraction compared to the number of viruses for the PC, it is foreseen that the threats on mobile phones will multiply.

Despite the forecast, cellular phone viruses are spreading at a manageable pace. This is attributed to the fact that mobile phones mainly run on different operating systems.

Aside from damaging handsets, viruses could also jack up phone bills by sending expensive picture messages.

Research group IDC predicts that the market and demand for mobile phone security programs will expand around 70% yearly to a tune of almost US $1 billion in 2008.