Three more Magellan Roadmates

Three more Magellan Roadmates


For some, summer means no more exams, for others it may mean an opportunity to actually head outside and do something active, but for so many of us, summer can be summed up in two words: road trip. However, getting lost is never a pleasant experience and that’s why the proliferation of GPS devices is so great. Magellan is at the forefront with this electronic-mapping and direction-giving technology, and they’re releasing three new additions to their RoadMate line: the 3000T, 3050T, and the 6000T.

They all will do the usual GPS dance, but in addition to that, they feature live traffic information and “SmartDetour”, which helps you avoid the troublesome gridlock and whatnot. You’ll also be able to play your favourite tunes off these devices and store extra maps and pictures, thanks to the integrated SD expansion slot. The ample 3.5-inch LCD displays vibrant maps without cluttering your dash. The high-end 6000T (pictured) also comes with Bluetooth integration and text-to-speech “SayWhere” functionality.

Prices go up as the model numbers go up, with the 3000T hitting the market this month at $600, the 3050T being released in June for $650, and the 6000T coming out in July at a yet to be determined price.