This mic is so small, its eXtra-Super-Damn-Tiny

This mic is so small, its eXtra-Super-Damn-Tiny


Lectrosonics brings to market the tiniest microphone in the world, with a cool name to boot. The eXtra-Super-Damn-Tiny, or XSDT, has an almost microscopic 1×1 mm frame. This self-contained microphone runs on AA batteries.

As with many gadgets nowadays, the XSDT’s diminutive size does not diminish its capability and performance. In fact, it outperforms standard-sized microphones. Proof of this is its transient response which Lectrosonics claims to be unmatched and unparalleled by any other microphone in the industry.

The unit’s frequency response is at an impressive 5Hz to120kHz. It also has a dynamic range of 120dB. Its SPL tops at 168dB, while self-noise is at 48dB (A-weighted).

Lectrosonics’ microphone has a 250mW RF transmitter based on its Digital Hybrid Wireless innovation. The transmitters have two models, differing on the battery that it uses. The XSDT-ALK runs on a single AA alkaline battery for 38 minutes. On the other hand, the XSDT-LITH runs, as you may have already guessed, on a lithium battery. This second version has a longer operational time of 1 hour and 15 minutes.

While the unit’s name renders approvingly on its size and function, you might curse it for another reason. Due to the fact that the unit is soldered on the battery, the unit becomes another item on your trash bin once the battery runs out.

The XSDT-ALK sells for US $499, while the XSDT-LITH is priced at US $699.

April Fools! Yes this was an April fools joke, so we got burned, but remember the Apple PowerPod? Haha