Scratch-resistant liquid plastic coating for iPod nano

Scratch-resistant liquid plastic coating for iPod nano


It’s almost laughable really, that there has been such a huge market created for iPod nano cases because the Apple music player is so prone to get scuffed, scratched and beat up. It seems like every accessory company out there is making silicone skins and plastic cases for the thing.

J&R is taking a slightly different approach. Instead of selling you just a $20 or $30 cases, they’ll soon be shipping out iPod nanos custom painted with X2 scratch resistant liquid plastic coating. The process includes an intense cleaning of the player, painting, and curing under ultraviolet light.

Of course, this extra work comes at a premium. If you want scratch resistant iPod nano (which, I might add, is how the player should have left the factory in the first place), you’ll need to add about an extra $65 on top of the regular MSRP of an Apple music player. On the plus side, you have your choice of six different color schemes.