PhoneTag coming to Amp’d Mobile

PhoneTag coming to Amp’d Mobile


PhoneTag is coming to Amp’d Mobile. The upstart MVNO which targets young users is working with LivePlanet, the company behind Project Greenlight, to release the multiplayer game that combines video action and real life to its users.

PhoneTag uses location-based capabilities, mapping and messaging to create the game. Players have to capture a specific target by getting close to it without getting captured by another player. It’s a war of attrition – the last player standing wins. Players will be able to enter games set up by Amp’d, set up private games for their friends, or enter tournaments.

Users will pay a flat monthly fee that hasn’t yet been determined. LivePlanet will be looking at in-game advertising opportunities to generate additional revenue. They will also be looking to license it to other carriers.

The game will be released in the second quarter of this year.