Mobile phones irritating… but indispensable

Mobile phones irritating… but indispensable


Sounds like a typical love story to me.

While consumers complain that mobile phones are sometimes getting on their nerves rather than on their ears, they admit that it is almost impossible to get through the day without using the thing.

90% of those who participated in the AP-AOL-Pew survey complained that they come across people who are using their mobile phones improperly. The misuse is largely attributed to the act of talking loudly on the cellular phone within an earshot of a person.

Surprisingly though, only 8% are aware that they sometimes lack proper decorum when using the mobile unit.

Over two thirds of mobile phone owners are of the opinion that it would be very difficult for them to go by without their handsets. Around one fourth of those who use the unit say that it is indispensable, while three fourths have admitted that they were already able to use it during an emergency.

Mobile phones allow users to be anywhere without losing touch with their family and workplace. However, this continuous open line of communication is also its disadvantage as they could also be contacted anytime and anywhere.

Mobile phones have also become a health hazard. 28% admitted that sometimes they’re not paying too much attention on their driving because of their handsets.

Concerns on mounting phone bills are also on the rise, with more than 36% expressing shock on the amount due.