i.Beat Organix Gold, the world’s most costly MP3 player

i.Beat Organix Gold, the world’s most costly MP3 player


TrekStor has just released an MP3 player fit for a king, the i.Beat organix Gold. Its chain alone could already buy you several high-end MP3 units that are available on the market as it is elegantly adorned by an exquisite aquamarine.

This invaluable device is made of 18 karat 750 gold. As if that’s not extravagant enough, 63 one carat diamonds are encrusted on the priceless frame of the unit.

These luxurious ornaments will again be made by Wenthe, the German jewelers who crafted the original piece. It labored for more than 100 hours in order to come up with the masterpiece.

And now to the other interesting part of the i.Beat organix Gold’s specifications. If ever you’ll get tired of admiring or focusing on its expensive features, you might want to check its clear OLED display.

The TrekStor luxury unit is not just a feast for the eyes. You’ll also be impressed with its audio features. Yes, it has audio capability. It is still an MP3 player, right? The device has a 5x equalizer, and an SRS surround sound feature that provides you with terrific sound quality.

You could listen to music for more than a day with this unit as its Lithium Polymer battery provides a 25-hour operating time.

Only a limited number of these babies are available in the Middle East.