Blow a “Kiss” with the heart-shaped MP3 player

Blow a “Kiss” with the heart-shaped MP3 player


You could win people over with an exceptional feature set, or a glorious high-res color display, but that’s not the approach that these folks are taking. Valentine’s Day may have already come and gone this year, but that shouldn’t stop you from picking up this heart-shaped music player for your special someone. You won’t find a fancy screen, but what you will get is something that is way cooler than a simple photo locket.

They talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve, but with this cute little DAP (digital audio player), you can wear it around your neck – it’s so small! They’ve clearly dreamed up this gadget with the idea of giving it as a gift in mind; after all, it comes complete in a softly-lined box with a couple interchangeable covers. Heck, is reporting that the “oversized box [contains] only the finest fibres of 100% pure turtledove feather.”

There’s an included compact disc that contains some songs to get you started and presumably the necessary software to load up tunes of your own. No word on price or where exactly you grab a Kiss.