World’s first weather-proof Bluetooth headset

World’s first weather-proof Bluetooth headset


So, you’re chilling at the pool, having a good time, laughing it up with friends as you sip on umbrella drinks. You decide that you want to take a dip, but you just don’t want to part with your precious cell phone. After all, you may miss that important call about whether or not you won that eBay auction. What do you do?

Well, thanks to Bluetreck, you can now leave your cell phone on your beach chair – maybe cover it up with a towel or something so no one steals it – throw on the company’s Bluetooth X2 headset and hit the pool. Keep in mind that it’s not fully submersible, so you’ll have to resort to a doggy-paddle or something.

You see, Bluetreck has released the world’s first weather-proof Bluetooth headset. Aesthetically, it looks like nearly every other generic one out there, but that’s not why you would want it anyways.

They’re reporting 14 hours of talk time, and up to 21 hours of standby. They’re not reporting, however, on pricing or availability.