LiteOn “The Frame” designed for ease of use

LiteOn “The Frame” designed for ease of use


At one end of the spectrum, you’ll find ultra-high end cameras from such companies as Hasselblad that will run you as much as a compact car. These are typically far too complex for the average shutterbug. For someone looking for something a lot easier to use, “The Frame” by LiteOn might be a little more appropriate. For starters, it only has one button.

Despite its name, the Frame isn’t just a digital picture frame – it really is a camera. They haven’t elaborated on the specifications yet, so it is likely that this is still in the concept stage.

The Frame has two primary functions: taking photos and looking at them. To take pictures, make use of “Natural Zoom.” All you do is frame the picture, well, in the frame and press the solitary button to store it into memory. Yes, this camera is even grandpa-friendly.

Accessing the photo album is just as easy. Thumb through all your pictures, as it were, with “Natural Thumb.” By swinging your hand to the left or the right, you go through the different snapshots, just as if you were flipping the pages on a traditional photo album.