Kodak develops Bluetooth camera, gets FCC go-ahead

Kodak develops Bluetooth camera, gets FCC go-ahead


Kodak has long since been a leader in the photography arena, especially in the market catered to taking family pictures, you know, the point-and-shoot as easily as possible type of shutterbugs. Well, the camera (and camera accessory) maker has developed a digital camera module that is Bluetooth-enabled, and it has been granted approval by the eminent FCC.

We’re not sure if this is going to be a new camera altogether, or simply an add-on to existing cameras, but it’s great anytime we see technology being developed that eliminates wires. The obvious application is the wireless transfer of snapshots between the camera and a PC, but Bluetooth technology – in its current incarnation – isn’t exactly the fastest in the world for larger files.

A number of Kodak digital printing kiosks have been set up that are Bluetooth-enabled, so it seems that this would be a good (almost necessary?) complement to that service by allowing customers to simply bring their camera to the machine and letting it automatically upload all the pictures for them, without messing with the entanglement of wires or the removal of memory cards.