iTalkPro – stereo microphone for your 5G iPod

iTalkPro – stereo microphone for your 5G iPod


Griffin Technology has unveiled the iTalkPro stereo microphone for 5G iPods. It fits right onto the bottom of your iPod without sticking out too much or adding too much bulk. One way they keep it so small is by using an on-screen menu, so you don’n need to have its own controls on the microphone.

It runs right off the batteries of the iPod, so you can record for about 3.5 hours on a fully charged 60GB iPod or 1.5 hours on a 30GB model before you drain all the juice. The recording is in a high-bitrate WAV format due to Apple’s firmware, so it can be storage space intensive. Twin internal microphones let you record at CD quality.

As of yet, Griffin hasn’t set a release date or a price for the iTalkPro.