Samsung SBH-300 MP3 player does Bluetooth both ways

Samsung SBH-300 MP3 player does Bluetooth both ways


Don’t let the “Anycall” moniker fool you, the Samsung SBH-300 Bluetooth digital audio player is not a cell phone, but it can pretend to be one. Leave your real handset in your purse, backpack, or wherever, and use this handy music player as a Bluetooth headset. This gadget also “sends” Bluetooth out to stereo headsets as well, with full support for the A2DP profile.

Packaged in with the 2GB player is a set of wired speakers with an inline microphone and volume control. Of course, you make things overly complicated for yourself by having your cell phone send the calls to the SBH-300, which in turn can send A2DP stereo sound to your Bluetooth headphones.

Other features include a great looking 262 color OLED LCD display (as per usual from Samsung), an FM tuner, voice recording, picture viewing capabilities, and microSD expansion. Samsung hasn’t offered any information regarding price, but it seems the SBH-300 will be available for pre-order in April… and probably only in Korea.