RFID gets under your skin

RFID gets under your skin


RFID (radio frequency identification) tags seem to be quite the hot item these days, finding their way into poker chips and cell phones, among many other places, and now we see the technology in practice being implanted subdermally into three “customers” by Canadian Piercing Studio Tribal Expression.

These tags are designed for people to be able to unlock front doors, company cars, and computer equipment without messing around with passwords or physical keys. According to Tribal Expressions Owner Keith Kennedy, the RFID tags are 64-bit, allowing for 100 billion unique keys. In this way, it’s pretty hard for someone to just “guess” what frequency would be able to give them access to your home.

By contrast, standard lock sets that you can get from your local hardware store or when a locksmith comes to replace the sets on your doors, they only have 300 unique keys.

The price for the implantation (usually under the skin on the wrist) is $275 Canadian, with the RFID reader going for about $400 Canadian.