Palm working on new Linux platform

Palm working on new Linux platform


The Treo 700w taught us that the people over at Palm are comfortable making great handheld devices that don’t run on the now dated Palm OS. They’ve made the jump to Windows Mobile, to a certain extent, but that doesn’t mean the electronics giant is giving up on its own OS altogether. Oh no, quite the contrary. It seems that Palm is working on the next generation of operating systems for its devices, and it’s going to be based on Linux.

The moniker being thrown around is ALP or, Access Linux Platform. Preliminary plans seem to indicate that Palm will be testing out the new technology in the Asian market, working out the kinks and gauging the public’s reaction, while PalmOS 5 sings its swan song in North America. Word on the street is that a prototype has already been created: a Treo 650 with ALP.

Linux-based Palm handhelds should be ready for market sooner than you may think. In fact, the “new operating system will be introduced in 2007.” That’s a rather aggressive goal, considering it usually take a lot of time to create a smartphone OS from scratch, but hey, Palm has wowed us before, and (fingers crossed) they’ll wow us again.