Non-Thinkpad Lenovo not up to snuff?

Non-Thinkpad Lenovo not up to snuff?


Bios Magazine got their hands on one the latest Lenovo’s that doesn’t bare the Thinkpad moniker, and although the Lenovo 3000 C100 laptop is a good value, they’ve come to the conclusion that “it’s definitely not a ThinkPad.”

Lenovo brought together the best and brightest from China, Japan, and the United States to design the non-Thinkpad notebook, but apparently these efforts didn’t quite reach the standard that long-time IBM users are accustomed to. The build quality is average at best, the screen is low resolution, and the notebook itself is “aesthetically challenged.” The look is generic at best, without the same “unique sense of class and superior build quality” found on IBM’s ThinkPads.

On the plus side, there’s excellent battery life, good connectivity ports, compelling business features – like virus recovery, automatic updates, and simple network set up – and best of all, good bang for the buck (prices start at £599). They’ve designed in such a way that IT issues aren’t too much of a concern, as the PC takes care of the problems on its own, making it more “self-reliant.”