Nokia unveils 3 phones for developing markets

Nokia unveils 3 phones for developing markets


Nokia used an event in Chongqing, China to announce three new easy to use, reliable and affordable mobile phones. Each of the phones are designed to help Nokia further penetrate the lower end growth markets like China, India, South-East Asia and Africa. Each of the phones were designed with features specifically for those areas, such as rubberized paint to fight dust and help your grip.

The Nokia 1112 focuses on ease of use, using large font and graphical icons. A talking clock and alarm can speak in a variety of languages. A demo mode visually shows new users what they need to do to use the phone. It will weigh 80 grams and cost 45 euros before any subsidies they will offer.

The Nokia 2310 is set up for music lovers. It has a built in FM radio and ‘sound visualization’ – graphics that move with the music. You can choose from a range of MP3 grade ring tones. It is also set up for easy and effective text messaging. It weighs 85 grams and will cost 65 euros.

The Nokia 2610 has MP3 ring tones, a voice recorder and a hands-free speaker. It has an organizer that includes a calendar, a phone book and a basic finance manager. A Chinese-English dictionary is built in, too. It will cost 75 euros.