Nokia 4G phone concept fits on your wrist

Nokia 4G phone concept fits on your wrist


A designer for Nokia has come up with a very early concept of what the fourth generation of mobile phones could look like.

This funky/clunky wristband is designed around the philosophy that you should be able to manage your information through different peripherals seamlessly depending on your mood. The wrist phone can work independently as a phone or work with a Bluetooth style headpiece. The designer goes well beyond just phone functions for the bracelet. In a demonstration, the wrist piece is also used to pay bus fare, compare prices of a sweater, make a call and buy coffee. The user, in the designer’s vision, would also have a flexible, fold-up screen that could interact with the wrist band for easier, larger scale views of things like e-commerce.

All of this is clearly another attempt of envisioning a way where out technology is completely portable and integrated fully into our lives.