More Chinese cars coming to the U.S.

More Chinese cars coming to the U.S.


Hot on the heels of the news that Chinese car maker Geely is entering the U.S. market, word has emerged that more Chinese cars are due to arrive. Global Holdings International, Inc. will be bringing in cars made by Chinese makers Brilliance, Foton Auto and Boading Tianma Auto Vehicles. They will be importing a full line of products, including sedans, minis, coupes, minivans, trucks, buses and heavy equipment. They plan to offer all the vehicles at prices 30% to 50% lower than the domestic alternatives.

The most interesting of the makers is probably Brilliance. They have strategic alliances with Toyota, GM and BMW. Brilliance and BMW have a joint venture to make luxury vehicles for the Chinese vehicles.

Brilliance will be introducing themselves to the American market by touring around California with an M1 sedan this summer. Global Holdings plans to open a showroom in Las Vegas later this year.