Buslink unleashes flash drive with 64GB

Buslink unleashes flash drive with 64GB


I don’t know why anyone would drop this kind of coin to get their hands on the 64GB USB flash drive from Buslink, when you could spend a little more than 1% of the price to get your hands on a portable hard drive instead. But hey, what do I know, because the Buslink’s Pro 2 line has upped the ante with the 64 gigabyte version that will put you back a measly $5000.

Sure, you could get your hands on several high-end PCs for the price, or make a substantial down payment on a new car, but that’s the price you pay to say that you own a tiny little thumb drive with a massive 64GB storage capacity.

If the $5000 price tag is a little too rich for your blood, you can also consider 16GB variety for a mere $1500, or the 32GB for somewhere in between. And yes, if you’re wondering, this line of flash drives does include smaller offerings, like the 1GB for $80.