Bellwave A308 yawn-worthy outside, Moto inside

Bellwave A308 yawn-worthy outside, Moto inside


With the overwhelming success of the RAZR, we have seen numerous handsets that have been “inspired” by the Motorola product, and some that just straight up clone the thing. The Bellwave A308 falls somewhere in between these two ideas, with a much less than exciting exterior – plain Jane silver and not much else to see – but flip open the clamshell and discover a keypad that immediately screams, “Hello Moto!”

Destined for the Chinese and Taiwanese markets, the Bellwave A308 is your standard GSM phone. While its mundane appearance may throw you off, you’ll be happy to hear that there is a 2 megapixel camera on board, as well as MP3 support. No word on how much built-in memory is in this thing, but you’ll probably need to make use of the MiniSD slot anyways. It even has Bluetooth!

There is a very good chance that this offering from Bellwave will cost quite a bit less than an equivalent handset from Motorola, but bear in mind that build quality is questionable.