B-Boy spins and twists onto PSP

B-Boy spins and twists onto PSP


Yo, so you wanna battle? I’m not talking about the rap wars on 106 and Park, I’m talking about taking it to the floor and breakdancing your way to undeniable fame (but maybe not fortune). The PSP will be the newest arena for B-Boy, an urban breakdancing sim.

Sony Europe will be presenting PlayStation Portable owners with the opportunity to earn a little street cred, while spinning on their elbows and pulling off air flares. Developed by FreeStyle Games, B-Boy will feature real-life legend Crazy Legs, as well as a number of other legitimate breakdancers.

The game will give you the chance to execute in excess of 800 unique moves, all motion-captured and incredibly realistic. You’ll visit 21 international venues, ranging from the street to full-on championship arenas. No word on how much this title will cost, but you can’t possibly expect it to be uber-cheap nor can it be super-overpriced. We do know, however, that B-Boy will be hitting the floor this September.